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Customer service: The service side

Have you ever encountered a customer who abused the phrase “the customer is always right?

Let us visit that customer who just had a bad day, he or she walks into a store pepared to vent at absolutely nothing.

Have you ever thought what if my son, daughter, husband, wife (you know your family tree) had to deal with my uncooth attitude today.

Why would you go off on that individual who has tried their utmost best to assit you, at the end of the day they’re only following the companies protocol.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean those inviduals who provide poor customer service you sometimes need a wake up call.

However it gives the customer no right to disrespect and embarrass anyone, becaus of the BS day you had.

What puts that icing on the cake, some reviews from vacationers, you’ve left the hotel , motel, resort went back to your job and decided to share your experience with the world.

However have you put in some thought of the persons you are naming while venting, but of course some of those individuals have lost their jobs because you wanted to be noticed.

Areyou even a tad bit guilty that someone can’t provide for their family, again as I said those of you who just cannot provide good service this does not pertain to you.

The next time you walk into a store and get that urge to be the “A hole” customer, look around because you’re definitely noticed.